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Thanks to the MIT PKG Center, the Lena and Yu Sing Jung (1962) Fund, and YOUR substantial contributions,

Phase 1 (of 2) of Doña Laura’s construction is now complete. Phase 2 is yet to come, but we will hopefully get there soon with everyone's support. Please consider donating and/or helping us spread the word.

Please scroll through our gallery to see the progress so far. Thank you again!

By Doña Laura Leyva

This is Doña Laura Leyva’s story, told in her own words and visualized through my lens. Our partnership arose from a deep interest to understand how disaster response and recovery policies touch the ground for underserved groups, and whether or not they carry out what they originally intend to do. Doña Laura went through a lot in recent years. She was personally affected by both the 2017 Mexican earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic, making her journey a remarkable example of that which can and should be imminently improved in policymaking.


While we tackle such big dreams, however, this story is part of a fundraising effort. Please visit this GoFundMe page or contact me directly if you are interested in helping us out. 

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